Combining family medicine with aesthetic medicine

“Do not be afraid to ask for something that can change your life for the better.”

We became an aesthetic provider after we had a large number of family medicine patients asking where they could get cosmetic procedures done in the Calgary area. We wanted to be able to advise them about these procedures, as well as feel confident in the care they would receive. Aesthetic treatments are getting more efficient and safer all the time and can easily help people to achieve an overall healthier look and happier life. We wanted to be a part of that transformation to change people’s lives for better. Seeing our patient’s reactions after treatments makes this work absolutely worth it every day.

"A patient whose severe post-acne scars had left her face with dark pigmentation and multiple depressions would be affected by low self esteem. She was a regular person who simply wanted to feel better about herself. When this same woman returned for her follow-up visit 10 weeks after her facial scars were improved with laser treatment, she was brimming with confidence - a whole new person!

I see people whose moods are severely impacted by some external condition. We enjoy helping patients feel better by helping them feel confident - people like the patient who hadn't worn shorts for years because her varicose veins embarrassed her. These are the people who benefit most from aesthetic medicine, because it can change their lives in such positive ways."