Dr. Sally Talbot Jones

Dr Sally Talbot-Jones received her Bachelor of Science in Infectious Disease and Immunology from the University of Alberta. At the University of Alberta, Dr. Talbot-Jones also completed one year of research in Kidney Transplant rejection.

Dr Talbot-Jones holds a medical degree from St Georges University, and after earning her MD she spent two years in the Caribbean and two years in Detroit, U.S.A.  After completing her residency in Family Medicine at the University of Western Ontario she worked in Ontario for one year.  She has called Calgary home since 2014.


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After booking your appointment please confirm your appointment when you receive the reminder email, voice call or text.  Dr. Talbot Jones has a  limited number of same day appointments  available for patients that are extremely ill or requiring review of urgent test results.  Emergency appointments can only be made by phone (403-686-3628) on the same day that the patient is desiring to be seen.                                                               

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