Westside Family Medical Clinic

Our mission is to provide excellent, compassionate patient care and deliver a great overall patient experience. We are not only your active partner in addressing medical concerns but in helping you achieve your health-related goals.

Westside Medical’s team of Physicians, nurses and health professionals provide: Family Medicine,  Prenatal care, Paediatrics , Geriatrics, Woman’s Health , Male Health, Maternity care, Travel Medicine Clinic, Chronic Migraine Treatments, IUD Clinic, Skin Cancer Screening Clinic. 

Our Physician-led teams take a collaborative and integrative approach to your Family’s care, providing access to health resources and services in coordination with Alberta Health and the Calgary West Central Primary Care Network.     



Please note that Online Appointment Booking is only available to patients already receiving care from a Family Physician at Westside Medical.

If you have been referred to one our Physicians or would like to know which Physicians are accepting patients at Westside Medical, please call 403-686-3628 or fill out an online contact form. We’ll contact you and will make every effort to assist you in obtaining the services of a Family doctor at our clinic.

After booking your appointment, please note that is is greatly appreciated if you would confirm your appointment when you receive a reminder email, text or voice message.  You have 24 hours to respond to the reminder emails. You will also receive a text or voice reminder.

Please note that doctors at Westside Medical have a limited number of urgent appointment slots available  for patients with results requiring immediate review, or for those that are extremely sick.  

Emergency appointments can only be made by phone. Please understand that urgent slots are filled on a first-call, first-come basis. Please contact us at 403-686-3628 if you have any questions about appointment booking.