Westside Medical  Clinic                                                                 



Calgary’s Westside Medical Clinic is a multidisciplinary family medical clinic dedicated to providing the highest standard of comprehensive family medical care and preventative medicine, in a modern and professional setting.


Physician owned and operated, our clinic is focused on providing compassionate health care, and a multi-disciplinary approach, striving to meet the unique needs of each of our patients.  This means that whenever possible, we will accommodate  your required care at our clinic from other healthcare professionals, beyond your core patient care from a family doctor at Westside Medical Clinic.


A member of the Calgary West Central Primary Care Network, we offer a range of medical and health care services including family medicine, chronic disease management, disease prevention and health planning for people of all ages.  In addition, we are a referral centre for minor surgical assessments and procedures, and a teaching site for U of C medical students and residents.