Westside Medical

Westside Medical is a Family Medicine clinic in Calgary. Our vision is to  provide Comprehensive team base care, Personal Family Physician with Continuity of Care in a timely manner, we believe in connected care with Electronic Medical Records,  Electronic Health Records access through Alberta Netcare to improvement in the quality of care by fostering a collaborative environment with inter-professional teams.  The goal and future model is for every Albertan to have a medical  “home” anchored by a physician with the support of a broader health care team for improved access, increased services and ultimately better care. This model of care Patient’s Medical Home was adopted by the PCN and  developed by the College of Family Physicians of Canada (CFPC).  When the patient’s personal family physician is unavailable, appointments are made with another physician, nurse, or other qualified health professional member of the PMH team to ensure timely access to appointments and safe, high-quality care.