Westside Medical


Due to the COVID-19 Public Health Emergency we are sorry but a patient’s relatives, friends or other accompanying persons are not allowed inside the clinic at this time.  Limited space in the waiting room is reserved for patients only, as we must limit potential contact between persons visiting in order to protect all patients, staff and doctors..

Located on 17 Avenue,  the heart of Calgary. Westside Medical Clinic is the home to a professional and knowledgeable group of Family Physicians devoted to providing you with the best treatment.  We believe that everyone deserves quality care with a human touch, from start to finish, no matter the size or scope of the medical issue. 

Our goal is to offer medical attention and guidance, and to help keep you and your family in good health.

The staff at Westside Medical is happy to assist you; whether it be making your initial appointment, annual check up or more urgent visits. 




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