Westside Medical Clinic provides Family Medicine and related Health Services to the people of Calgary and region in a modern, exceptionally well-equipped and welcoming environment.  

Family Physicians at Westside all  focus on providing continuity of care, and believe in the concept of the clinic as a “medical home” for their patients- a central source for accessing medical advice, treatment and related health services that support their long-term health and lifestyle goals..

Our Family Physicians see patients by appointment only, and we are not a walk-in clinic.

To help prevent our registered patients from having to visit walk-in or urgent care clinics when suddenly ill, our Family Physicians do keep appointment times open each day to address their patient’s urgent medical concerns.

If you do not have a Family Physician we are currently accepting new patient for Family Medicine Chronic Migraine Treatments, Minor Surgery and  IUD Insertions.   

We would be happy to arrange an initial meet and greet appointment with one of our Family Physicians..

The Family Physicians and Medical Specialists at our clinic are members of Calgary’s West Central PCN and work with their nurses and specialists in a collaborative Primary Care setting to deliver Chronic Disease management and Mental Health services..

Clinic Protocol